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Basic Theory of the Acetate Path (13) — Inceration for the Red

Rubaphilos Salfluĕre

So let us continue with our consideration of Ripley's acetate work.

The next step in the process is that which Ripley calls 'inceration'. Inercation means 'to make wax-like'. Therefore the title of the 26th Chapter of the Bosome Book means … to make the red stone of a wax-like consistency.

Chapter 26 begins by instructing us:

“When they are thus fixed together, and thereby become one very fine Powder, incerate, that is imbibe it with the Red Oyl of our Stone, then congeal it again, and again imbibe, and congeal and iterate this work so often until it will flow in Fire as Wax…”

From this we learn that the red stone we previously made is reduced to powder. Inceration is achieved by imbibing the red stone with the oil that had been lifted off the unpurified oil as it arrived from the destructive distillation. In other words, the water soluble portion of the oil. Therefore, it is the nature of this oil which possesses the ability to soften the structure of the red stone.

Next we are instructed:

“… but not evaporate when it is put upon a Plate of Copper Fiery hot …”

One of the properties of this now wax-like substance is that when it is placed on a copper plate and heated, it melts, but does not smoke or evaporate. In other words, it is completely 'fixt'.


“ …which then congeal up until it be clear transparent hard, red in Colour like a Ruby or Jacinth, which is then the Medicine of the third Degree, and the perfect Red Stone, transmuting all Bodies, and especially Mercury, Lead and Silver into pure Gold, as any of the Natural Mine.”

This wax-like substance is then cooled, whereby it becomes thick and then solid. Now it is a transmutation agent, capable of transmuting lesser metals in to more noble.

Ripley completes this chapter by cautioning us that this Stone is hygroscopic (attracts moisture from the air), so will dissolve is you leave it exposed to moist air.

“These Stones must be kept by themselves in several Glasses, or fair Boxes in a warm place, or dry at the least, as you would keep Sugar, because they are of so tender and Oyly Substance, as they are apt to dissolve in every moist place which therefore preserve as is here shewed.”

One the Stone is brought to this stage the next step is 'Multiplication', increasing the transmutative power of the Stone.

Disclaimer: I strongly advise that you do not attempt to put the techniques I describe here in to practice unless you have a well developed experience with chemistry, or you have access to the careful instruction of someone who is intimately knowledgeable in the processes I describe herein. Many of these techniques I describe in these essays have potential risks involved, and I do not always point out those risks in my descriptions. I do not take responsibility for any injuries or damages which may occur from the practical experiment with instructions contained in this email.

This essay was first published on the Hermetic Alchemy Forum on 14 January 2014, as post #595.

Intellectual copyright
©️ rubaphilos salfluĕre 2022

This document is provided for general cost-free circulation, under the condition it is not sold or edited in any way at all, and that any and all quotes made from this document are accurately and adequately referenced.


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